When we take a look at the good and the bad things that goes on in our lives. The good times that made us happy and the bad times that make us sad angry and depressed. We go through these things to balance the good and the bad. Appreciate the good things, whether big or small, the bad things hurt and make us sad. But we are built to overcome every bad experience by overcoming it and learn the lesson. That’s a big part of our soul’s growth. We are all learning lessons from this thing called life, from the wound to the tomb, Life is what we make it, the good and bad, finding the balance in between the two. I sit and think about this thing called life everyday and I’m just thankful to have the opportunity to live and learn.♥️

Published by SocialButterfly79

I'm an innocent soul, From New Jersey, outgoing funny and loveable with good intention, spreading love ❤️ and seeking knowledge. Your opinion means a lot to me. Thanks to you all for the love and support. ♾

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