When people cry, it’s not a sign of weakness, See it as a sign of releasing. Releasing the hurt, the sadness, the anger all the negativity, When we tend to hold in our pain and feelings. We are allowing the hurt, anger and negativity to linger and grow,which can lead to more sadness and evenContinue reading

When we take a look at the good and the bad things that goes on in our lives. The good times that made us happy and the bad times that make us sad angry and depressed. We go through these things to balance the good and the bad. Appreciate the good things, whether big orContinue reading

I pick Love over anger, resentment, jealousy, envy and hate!

Open Your Heart Chakra

Your Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest, just above your heart. Blocks in our Heart Chakra can manifest in our physical health through heart problems, asthma and weight issues. The blocks are often seen even more clearly through peoples actions. People with Heart Chakra blocks often put others first to theirContinue reading “Open Your Heart Chakra”

I choose to live a life that is righteous, responsible,respectful, full of kindness and love. I will not change! No matter what obstacles come my way. I’ll be ready for the fight, but I will never fold……my heart and soul would remain the same!!

Heavenly Father, Father God, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels……I am blessed to have you surrounding me and my family. I am grateful for your protection. Please continue to protect me and my family. These tears that I shed are tears of happiness, tears of joy and tears of thanks. Deep down in my soul I’m thankful.Continue reading


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